the fine print

the fine print

the internet can be a terrible place. book blogs are supposed to be fun places. i want this to be a relaxing and great spot for you to hang out, and that means we have a few ground rules.


some of the books i read and discuss here are advance reader copies (arcs) i receive from publishers, though i do not accept other considerations for reviews and i don’t pull punches when it comes to discussing books that didn’t float my boat. that said, the ftc and respect for my readers both require that i clearly disclose when a review is based on an arc provided by a publisher — such posts are marked ‘review copy.’


all comments here are manually approved, and i have a zero tolerance policy for discriminatory speech, harassment, threats, and other unfriendly activities, as defined by my moderating hand on any given day. if you’re not sure whether a comment will pass muster, consider how it might feel if someone was making the same comment about, or towards, you. i absolutely will not tolerate attacks on commenters, authors, and people in general in my comments section, and if you are experiencing harassment from a reader elsewhere, please alert me so i can take appropriate action. i can tell the difference between innocent intent and an active desire to be a jerk, and i’m not afraid to use the banhammer. if you think i did so in error, feel free to email me about it.


information deserves to be free and i’m a big fan of quoting, talking about, and engaging with creative works. that said, posts here are copyright s.e. smith, all rights reserved. that means that you should not reprint them without permission. (excerpts with a backlink for review or discussion, or parody and other transformative works are, of course, fair use — but if you’re not sure whether you’re overstepping the line or you’d just like to reprint something, please email me to discuss it.)