welcome to s.e. smith reads! (not to be confused with s.e. smith writes.) i’m so glad you decided to drop by, and I do hope you decide to stay around for a while.

i am a writer, editor, agitator, and avid reader based in northern california (with occasional ventures elsewhere in the world). while you can find me in many places, it seemed prudent to set up a book blog (also, people asked for one). herein, you shall find the sorts of things people like in book blogs, like, er, posts about books.

my day job is journalism, and i write for publications like xojane, rolling stone, rewire news, the guardian, in these times, bitch magazine, and the daily dot. my focus is social justice journalism, examining and exposing inequalities and injustices in the world that create a stacked deck against vulnerable and oppressed populations. i write about issues like prison reform, gender, sexuality, disability, race, environmental issues, politics, and much, much more. you can learn more about my writing work on my grownup adult website — s.e. smith.

i’m passionate about books, especially young adult fiction. books open up entirely new and glorious worlds, whether they take you to far away lands, open up experiences you’ve never had, or just tell good stories. diverse young adult fiction — featuring narratives that go beyond social norms, that challenge readers, that push at the boundary of what is expected, are especially valuable to me. a good book sucks me in and takes me somewhere unexpected, and that’s what this site is all about — the good books that i’m reading and think you might enjoy, the authors who are writing them, the people who are bringing them into the world.

if you want to follow me in other venues, my blog is a good place to start. i’m also on facebook, twitter @realsesmith and @sesmithreads, instagram, and tumblr.

should you want to reach me via u.s. mail:

s.e. smith

po box 2764

fort bragg, california 95437