The cover of KLICKITAT, featuring two girls running through a forest.

Currently reading: Klickitat

Haunting language and twisty plots? Yes please.

I’ve started reading Klickitatout this month from Amulet, and I’m not gonna lie, guys: This book is seriously weird. Like it’s definitely a top contender for my ‘weird books of 2016’ list (hold me to actually making a ‘weird books of 2016’ list, because that actually sounds great). At the same time that it’s weird, it’s completely beautiful, which is deeply meta, because the book is all about weird and beautiful things.

It’s hard to talk about Klickitat, and not just because I haven’t finished it yet. For one thing, the book is…gah. Uhm, well, it’s about a sideways, slippery, unexpected narrative. It’s not about a fast-paced plot, and while the story is high minded, it’s unfolding quietly, like a fox tip-toeing through the woods (or my psychiatrist, who sneaks up on me in the waiting room like a cat, I don’t know how he does it, but I digress). It’s about character development, but it’s also about dark, strange, freaky things, all of which tease just at the edges of the page.

Which, can we talk about beautiful typography and interior design as well as a stellar cover? Because yeah.

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And the plot is very clearly setting up for some twisty turny stuff, which a friend warned me would only get more turny as I read, so I don’t want to say too much about it. (‘It’s like talking to people about We Were Liars,‘ she said, which told me all I needed to know.) You kind of just have to say ‘Well, I’m reading this book…’ and then let your voice quietly trail off to let people fill in the blanks.

I am loving this book so far, but also having all kinds of thinky thoughts, and I can’t even tell you what they’re about because that would ruin the experience. I will say that people who know me and know my work will probably get a sense of what those thoughts might be when they pick up the book, but everyone’s just going to have to wait and see when it comes to their details.

Now that I’ve vagued that up a bit, go grab a copy!

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